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Author Spotlight
M.E. Bowling - the Time Vandal Series

Prague-based (US-born) author M.E. Bowling is the creator of the critically-acclaimed Time Vandal series. His debut novel, First Epiphany of the Time Vandal, is currently being translated into the Czech language and set to be released onto the Czech market is the fall of 2017.

His second novel, Songs of Atlantis - a Time Vandal Story, is set for release in June of 2017. In it, the series' main protagonists (Dr. Elijah Snow and his AI compatriot Fuzzy Logic) continue their quest to document major historical events, which inexorably leads them to the fabled city of Atlantis.

A blurb from the author's website;

Dr. Elijah Snow decided that backtracking history in order to discover the location of the lost city of Atlantis sounded like a good idea. As a boy he had always wondered at the advanced technology they were said to have had.

So he leaves behind the life he has made in the past and reaches back into ancient Greece, then even further to Egypt. There he finally meets a man who has actually visited the doomed island.

Upon arrival in Atlantis, he is disappointed to find that there is no technology, just a city full of content, happy people. As he settles in, he finds that he quite likes it there, and decides to stay awhile. His vacation is cut short with the arrival of the Givers, an alien race bent on leading the people of Atlantis away from their chosen lives of peace, music and contemplation. Elijah is all that stands between them and their mythical end, and he again fails to keep himself from leaving his footprints on the pages of history

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TTSCR's Top Ten Time Travel Movies
Time travel is fun. Are you new to science fiction with a time travel theme? Find below a list to get you started.

1) Time Machine - (original and remake)
The be-all, end-all time travel story. The movie based on H.G. Wells' famous book is the best place to start. Time machines, paradoxes, love, loss, it has it all.

2) Predestination
This instant classic had so many loops, and loops within loops, that it is sometimes hard to keep track of them.

3) Interstellar
This film is so underrrated that it will make your head spin. The script is well-written, and the excellent cast brings the story to the big screen in a way few movies manage.

4) Terminator
One of the all-time classics, this movie pushed many memes into the collective consciousness.

5) Donnie Darko
The be-all, end-all time travel story. The movie based on H.G. Wells' famous book is the best place to start. Time machines, paradoxes, love, loss, it has it all.

6) Star Trek - First Contact
What is a time travel list without a Star Trek mention?

7) 12 Monkeys
Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis bring time travel to life.

8) Groundhog Day
One for the comedy lovers. You will watch this movie again....and again....and again.

9) Peggy Sue Got Married
For such a sappy plot, this movie exceeded all expectations. Nicolas Cage put in the best performance of his career (Raising Arizona notwithstanding) as the nervy, love-lorn doo-wop singer wannabe.

10) Hot Tub Time Machine
Some say that the sequel, HTTM 2, is even better.

Honorable Mention:

Planet of the Apes - A classic.
Looper - Bruce Willis makes his second appearance in this list.
Somewhere in Time - One for the romantically inclined. Jane Seymour, wowza!
X-Men Days of Future Past - Wolverine saves the day. Again.


Time Travel Proof in the news
PICTURED in the EXPRESS: The STAGGERING photos thought to 'PROVE time travel EXISTS'

From express.co.uk, proof of time travel.


Even FOX?
Fox News gets in on the time travel action.

Time travellers could use parallel dimensions to visit the past, scientists claim



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